5 Restaurants You Can Visit Post Covid Quarantine.

5 Restaurants You Can Visit Post Covid Quarantine.

Covid-19 has affected almost every business in Ghana. Restaurants and food joints have their fair share of challenges in wake of the Covid- 19 Pandemic. With the ban on social gathering and Nose mask safety protocols, Restaurants have been allowed open its doors to their lovely cherish customers whiles abiding to the respective laid down safety guidelines by all regulation Authorities.

In the mist of all this Adversities, these restaurants still strive to give you the best in food taste, customer satisfaction and experience;

  1. Chop Shop

With their new branch opened at Dansoman, chop shop welcomes you with foremost safety protocol of wearing a nose mask before entry, checking body temperature and hand sanitizing with in a hospitable environment. As their main focus is on giving you the best taste in food quality food, Chop shop performs its duties in respect to all the FDA food service and safety protocol.

  • Don’s Doner

A sitting area in a Cadillac and garage decoration in addition to its beautiful ambience, serving you the it’s best in Turkish – Asian fusion delicacies. Dons Doner welcomes you to its humble abode, with respect to all laid down safety protocols.

  • Dimaensa

Located at Abelemkpe, welcomes you to its open-Air serenity. Serving a list of both Local and Continental Dishes, strives to give the best in quality food and customer satisfaction at the same time observing laid down safety protocol.

  • Oliver Twist Shack

As Oliver twist asked for more, Oliver twist shack would keep you wanting more of their finger licking dishes. With a list of both continental and local dishes, endeavour to provide quality customer experience.

  • Marwako Fast Restaurant

Located at Achimota and Labadi is another serine and hospitable environment, that welcomes food lovers from all walks of live. Marwako popularly known for its Lebanese cuisine gives its customers the at most in satisfaction.

After the quarantine period has ended, it is important to restore full operations as quickly as possible. Crew members will be eager to return to the ship and guests will want to enjoy a nice meal during their day. However, it is important to comply with the guidelines set forth by the Public Health Service, and to follow proper safety precautions. We hope this article helped you understand how to handle a quarantine and with the process of reinstating services. If you have any furthe

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